Friday, April 10, 2009

Featured E-resources of the Month: Worlds Connect @ Your Library

Worlds Connect @ Your Library
by Jane Healy & Julie Erickson

This year, National Library Week, April 12-18, celebrates “Worlds Connect @ Your Library.” Connect to other worlds from the library or home using South Dakota State Library electronic resources.

South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest

Do you ever wish you had statewide library statistics at your fingertips? Do you need library statistics and facts that you can use as talking points with your city council, county commissioners, or legislators? Well now that information is readily available to you in the form of the South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest. You can find the Digest on the State Library’s Web site as a pdf download. The statistics and facts used in the Data Digest come from the Public Library Annual Report that you complete each year. Please take time to read the South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest. Print it out, and share with others. And thank you for taking the time to complete the public library annual report.

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Public Library Certification/Accreditation Process Changes

The Public Library Certification/Accreditation Standards provide a voluntary certification and accreditation program for South Dakota public libraries and librarians. The purpose of the standards is to encourage the ongoing development of quality library service in South Dakota. In particular, these standards are intended to:

  • Provide a tool to assess the quality of library service
  • Identify areas needing improvement
  • Aid libraries in gaining maximum community support

In June 2008, the South Dakota Library Association Executive Board voted to move the administration of both the Certification and the Accreditation Standards to the South Dakota State Library. If you are interested in applying for certification for yourself, or accreditation for your library, please review the application process. The application forms can be found on the State Library’s webpage.

If you have questions about the Librarian Certification or Library Accreditation process, call the State Library at 800-423-6665.

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Online Access Available to Free Trustee Training Resource

The Wyoming State Library has produced an informative, humorous program that can be used to introduce rural library board members to their new responsibilities. “Trustee Trouble: The Misadventures of a New Library Board Member” is a series of 10 segments with Dan, a new library trustee, launching himself into this new role. The video presentations, online at, run from six to 12 minutes and are followed by guided discussion. Two additional sessions are provided by Jim Connor, a trustee trainer. Wyoming recommends viewing one episode per month with your board. The South Dakota State Library also has a DVD cataloged and available for checkout if you would like to preview the entire series before introducing your Board to any of the online sessions.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Copyright Lessons Available for Middle School Students

Disclaimer: Presentation of any particular curriculum does not constitute endorsement, approval or recommendation for adoption of that curriculum by the State of South Dakota or the South Dakota Department of Education and its offices.

AASL, along with the American Library Association’s Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), have re-released updated copyright lessons plans for middle school students, Grades 6-8. The five lessons address timely topics in copyright education and, unlike many other lessons plans, provide a balanced approach to copyright by including issues such as fair use.

The lessons also have connections to AASL’s Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. Designed to be flexible curriculum tools that can be integrated across subject areas and complement any information literacy program, the lessons are available on the ReadWriteThink web site.

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School Library Annual Report Moratorium

The South Dakota State Library is declaring a one-year moratorium on the statistical report for schools for the 2008-09 school year. During this year of moratorium, a School Library Study Group that will be considering possible revisions in the gathering of school library data has been formed. The group will be monitoring what is happening on the national level in regard to gathering statistics, with an eye toward having South Dakota’s information included with national library statistics.

Conclusions and recommendations formed by the Study Group will be made available by September 2009. Librarians should feel free to gather their own statistics this year for local administration, using last year’s report as a template. When the Annual Statistical Report resumes in the spring of 2010, we hope it will be more targeted and useful for local purposes. Questions and comments may be directed to the following:

  • Daria Bossman, Assistant State Librarian
  • Joan Upell, School Library Coordinator

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Young Adult Reading Program (YARP) Teen Choice 2009 Award Winners

The votes are in for the YARP Teen Choice Award winners for 2009. Votes are tallied by how many total stars a book was given on a 1-4 (4 being best) scale. Students can vote only for books that they read, but can vote for any book they read as many times as they want.

For the Middle School list:

  • Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson with 352 stars total
  • Heat by Mike Lupica with 302 stars total

For the High School list:

  • Runner by Carl Deuker with 204 stars total
  • Just Listen by Sarah Dessen with 190 stars total

We had 1,152 valid votes with 659 votes for the Middle School books, and 493 votes for the High School books. (last year we only had 69 votes total!)

There were votes from 35 school libraries, 2 home schools, and one public library.

If you would like a spreadsheet with all the data, contact Jasmine Rockwell via email.

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2009 South Dakota children’s book award winners

The winners are:

 Chickens to the Rescue, by John Himmelman, 

is the winner of the 2009 Prairie Bud Award.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

written by Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Bagram Ibatouilline, 

is the Prairie Pasque Award winner.

Sponsored by the South Dakota Library Association, the contest features two lists of 15 nominated titles: the Prairie Bud list is intended for students in grades K-3; the Prairie Pasque list is for fourth- through sixth-grade students. To qualify to vote, students are to read at least five books from the list of fifteen nominees for their grade level; they then vote for their favorite. The book receiving the most votes on each list receives the award.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Build your support base with the 3 P’s: Getting and Sustaining Funding

by Jane Healy

Robin Schrupp, Grant County Library Director since 1991, has learned to get and sustain funding for her library by applying the 3 P’s: a Personal Touch, Publicity, and Persistence. “It is important to have that support base in place, in good times and in bad, so that if and when you need to fall back on it, they are there,” Robin said.

PR Pointers: Make-‘Em-Think donation box

By Jane Healy

Platte Public Library’s check-out desk has a unique feature, a donation box created by a patron. Here’s what the sign says:
  • Every time you check out a book, think of how much that book would cost if you had to buy it…
  • Every time you check out a book, think of the selection we have here in the library…
  • Every time you use the computers in this library to browse a topic or play a game, think of what you saved by not paying for computer services at your home…
…Please consider these things and make a small donation every now and then to keep these services alive at the Platte Public Library!!!
Thank You.

The Platte librarians say the sign and the box bring results.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rapid City Flood Project

by Stacia McGourty

Rapid City Public Library wanted to create something great for their community, in doing so they released the first of their “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories” series. If you weren’t aware, in June of 1972 Rapid City suffered through one of the deadliest floods in the United States. More than 200 people died in just a few hours. The 1972 Flood Project is an archive of memories using Web 2.0 technologies. People are able to view interviews with flood survivors, upload family photos to Flickr, and add their own memories of that time to the Flood Project’s wiki page. The 1972 Flood Project is just one example of a dynamic local history project.