Tuesday, November 29, 2016

South Dakota Libraries Represented at ARSL

South Dakota librarians at the 2016 Association for Rural & Small Libraries (ARSL) annual conference in Fargo last month gathered together for a photo. The conference had 40 breakout sessions all directed at the concerns of libraries in rural communities. It was a great opportunity to network and share ideas. Librarians from 49 states attended.

Pictured here are: Kathleen Slocum of SDSL, Jayne Nieland of Sisseton Public Library, Linda Dubrovolny of Yankton Community Library, Shawn Behrends of SDSL, Jody Carlson of Grant County Public Library, Sabrina Padfield of Alexander Mitchell Library (Aberdeen).
Next year's ARSL Conference will be held in St. George, Utah, September 6th - 9th. See the ARSL website, http://arsl.info/, for more information.

A Model Trustee

Here’s a short fun video to share with your library board. One that will encourage and perhaps get your board members thinking about what they can be doing to better serve their community. When we think of libraries, we think books, and the Librarian that helps you find what you're looking for. But ‘behind the shelves’ so to speak, there are folks you may not notice: they're called Trustees.
At the Hill City Public Library, one of those dedicated trustees is Mikal Lewis and he is the most recent SDLA Trustee of the Year award recipient!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Foundation Center Resource – IssueLab

Many of you already may know of the great resources provided free on the Foundation Center and Grant Space websites, but I recently learned of a new Foundation Center resource called IssueLab, which could be very useful for school research.

Logo: Issue Lab: A Service of Foundation Center

What is IssueLab?

IssueLab became a service of Foundation Center in 2012. Since then, IssueLab’s mission has grown beyond the “simple” collection and distribution of knowledge products, to include the support of social sector organizations in adopting the practical and necessary steps to openly publishing what they fund and produce. In other words, when something is published about a recent social issue, IssueLab makes those reports available to you in an open repository.

Check out the issues covered in IssueLab by visiting the “Issue Areas” link on Issue Lab website. Here you will find timely publications on issues such as Crime and Safety, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief, Immigration, and much more. There is even a special new collection on Race and Policing (check the News link).

--Brenda Hemmelman

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hotspot software can help you manage library public WiFi

Free WiFi in our public libraries is one of those silent, but important services. Last year visitors used SD public library wireless networks an average of 1,400 times a day! There are some low cost products available that can help you meet the annual reporting requirement for public WiFi usage and at the same time provide other beneficial management features.
photo of Free Wifi lighted sign with blurred background

There is, for example, a service that will allow libraries to count users as they click through a splash page (that can be set up to display the library’s Internet use policy!); set a limit to the bandwidth available to visitors; and generate usage reports. This one requires a one-time purchase of a $99 pre-configured router and the basic subscription for up to 500 sessions per month is free. Others have features that can protect patron privacy by blocking user device information and some can keep library-owned devices out of public WiFi session counts.

The State Library has been collecting vendor information for some of these products. Contact the Data Coordinator [shawn.behrends@state.sd.us] if you wish to learn more.

Douglas Middle School's DIY coloring corner

Easy DIY project which is almost FREE.

Photo of teenage girls coloring table in library

Librarian Melissa Hubbell from Douglas Middle School Library took an old table top (the cushion top was actually damaged years prior due to water) and laminated some adult coloring book pages. Next she used some command strips to fasten the laminated coloring pages down and provided students with some dry erase markers and an eraser which provides hours of fun as the pages can be erased at any time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

SDSL's Nina Mentzel is SDLA's Librarian of the Year

The South Dakota Library Association awarded the 2016 Librarian of the Year Award to Nina Mentzel, Metadata Librarian at the South Dakota State Library. Mentzel was nominated by her co-workers for this award which is given annually to a librarian who has made significant contributions to library service in South Dakota. Candidates for this award must have more than ten years of service in libraries and must be actively involved in the profession. Moreover, they must have focused attention on promoting libraries, librarians and their communities.
2016 Librarian of the Year: Nina Mentzel 
Mentzel has been a librarian since 1992 and moved to South Dakota in 2000. She lives in Spearfish and has worked for the South Dakota State Library since 2014 as Senior Librarian/Metadata Librarian. Prior to this position, Mentzel served as the Instructional Librarian/Assistant Director for the South Dakota Library Network. Mentzel has also held positions in academic, public, military and corporate libraries.

Mango offers two new English courses

With a growing Somali population in the U.S. and Canada, there's a greater need than ever before for English-learning resources that are customized, practical, effective, and flexible. English for Somali speakers teaches the essential conversations needed to succeed — from how to buy a new car to applying for a job.

The second new unit is “Classroom English for Hmong speakers,” which was created to serve an important need that exists within the Hmong community. With many Hmong families speaking a language other than English at home, children can find themselves struggling to master English. By focusing on classroom-related content, the course is a perfect complement for school-aged children and their parents or guardians.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Free e-book on creating a makerspace

Thinking about creating a makerspace in your school or public library, but not sure where to start? Download this free e-book from Nomad Press to help you get started.

POSTER: Get Creative Build a Maker Space Download Our Free EBook Today

Makerspaces are excellent hands-on, creative, and self-directed learning opportunities for children of all ages. They are also a great way to boost your programming numbers as they are typically passive programming!