Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You Can Do I.T.

As we all know, there are many South Dakota libraries that are staffed by only one or two people. If this is you, have you ever felt overwhelmed if you had to be not only the librarian, but the tech person too?

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has developed a program to meet the tech needs of small and rural libraries. The You Can Do I.T. program equips library staff in small and rural public libraries with the skills to effectively plan for and manage their library’s information technology. These fundamental skills will enable library staff to become proactive technology leaders in their communities and to use technology to meet their community needs.

Visit the You Can Do I.T. Basic Library Technology Series at Courses in Hardware & Software and Network Technology are offered. Attendees can view the resources as a guest, or create a free account to receive CE credits. All of the resources on this page are free.

In addition, the Colorado State Library has also developed a similar resource page at

These projects were found through TechSoup for Libraries. There are other webinars and training resources available from their website.