Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Midland Community Library Education Fair Supper

For many years the Midland Community Library Board has hosted the Education Fair Supper at the Midland School. Each member donates their time to make the supper a great success, beginning with a meeting to plan the evening, and ending with a clean-up after watching the Midland Tumblers perform! On the menu is homemade chicken noodle soup and chili, hot dogs, a large variety of sandwiches, delicious bars, and drinks. We receive many compliments on the excellent supper, and service with a smile. The money that is raised is spent wisely to keep our community library running.

cafeteria full of people seated at tables, eating.
Diners visiting in the Midland School lobby

On March 23rd, the library staff and board members served supper to approximately 170 people from the communities of Midland, Kadoka, Milesville, and Philip during the evening of the Midland School Education Fair. We provided a service to families who were at the school to take part in the Fair. We received very generous donations that will be used throughout the year, for expenses such as the Summer Reading Program, repair and upkeep on the building, office supplies, and purchasing new books.

We feel that our library is a vital part of our small community and take pride in our commitment as board members.

-Jenna Finn, Midland Community Library Board Member

two women post by drink station offering punch, coffee, etc.
Christine Neidan and Karel Reiman were in charge of serving drinks.

two women at serving station of hot food (soup, chili) with styrofoam bowls, trays, plastic spoons and cheese.
Barb Jones and Jen Jones serving chili and chicken noodle soup.

four women smiling for camera at station with hamburger buns and condiments
Serving supper are Barb Jones, Jen Jones, Karel Reiman, and Lisa Osburn