Friday, August 18, 2017

Did you know that other South Dakota librarians count on you to keep accurate service statistics for your library?

Every year many of your colleagues use the statistics from their peer libraries. Librarians use annual report statistics to evaluate their services or support requests for things like larger material budgets, bigger spaces, more open hours and staff positions. Last year the State Library received at least 20 librarian requests for assistance in supporting data-driven decisions.

bar graph with indicators for WiFi, CD/DVD, Books, Programs, Walk-In

If keeping a daily tally isn’t practical, estimating library statistics such as visits, public computer sessions, and WiFi use is acceptable.

October is an excellent “typical” month for estimating library service statistics.

Pick two weeks to track and multiply by 26 for the statistical annual report.

Contact the State Library Data Coordinator [] to find out how we can help you put those annual report statistics to work.