Friday, September 15, 2017

School Library Deadlines and Events for 2017-2018 - Mark Your Calendars!




Check out this link from AASL for other school library related dates/events:

Save lots of planning time by using this doc. “Library Celebrations and Reading & Learning Promotions Throughout The Year” from Shannon McClintock Miller (who is this year’s keynote at the SDLA conference!)

Update: School Library Standards Review

On August 17-18, 2017 twelve members from the School Library Standards Review Work Group met in Pierre to begin the process of reviewing and revising the current 2010 School Library Standards.

Work consisted of establishing goals, discussion, and reviewing strands and standards by grade span (elementary, middle, and high).

The South Dakota Standards revision process and timeline is adopted by the State Board of Education for review of standards in all contents. This review process allows stakeholders to review current standards and make adjustments to the standards on a 5-7 year rotation. To view the main DOE content area review page, visit:

The general timeline for School Library content standards review process looks like this:

  • Summer 2017: Begin revising
  • 2017-18 School Year: Revision & gather feedback
  • Summer 2018: Finalize standards
  • 2018-19 School Year: Public hearings & adoption

For more information and to provide feedback, visit:

Friday, September 8, 2017

Federal Document of the Month

The SD State Library is a federal depository library and provides access to print and electronic federal government publications. Print publications are available via interlibrary loan. Electronic publications are linked from the state library online catalog.

The Homestake Gold Mine, located in the northern Black Hills, South Dakota.
'In 1874, the Custer expedition discovered placer gold in French Creek, near the present village of Custer, in the southern Black Hills. When word of the presence of gold in the Black Hills reached the outside world, the gold rush was on.'
Truly the start of something very big!
US Geological Survey Bulletin 1857-J (size: 60Mb)
The Homestake Gold Mine, an Early Proterozoic iron-formation-hosted gold deposit, Lawrence County, South Dakota
Peek inside to page J1 and J2.

Why didn't I think of that?

Library statistics + floor plan = cool infographic

By now we all recognize the power of infographics to communicate information in a memorable way. We love how this library combined their library use statistics with their floor plan to show off a multifunctional and busy place. Far more engaging than representing the information in the usual table or graph!
This one was made with Adobe Illustrator, but you could use Publisher from your from your Microsoft Office suite to make your own floor plan infographic. If you try this, please share it with us.

Friday, September 1, 2017

SD State Library federal documents program receives a visit

SD State Library received a visit in July from Jaime Hays, Outreach Librarian from the Government Publishing Office in Washington DC, and Alicia Kubas, regional Federal Documents Librarian from the University of Minnesota. The two were touring South Dakota’s federal depository libraries.

SD State Library has been a federal depository library since 1973. The library has transitioned to a mostly electronic depository. Items in the physical collection include anything related to South Dakota, tribes, agriculture etc. Records for physical and electronic documents are made available in the library catalog. Federal documents can be checked out by state employees and borrowed through interlibrary loan.
Left to right: Jaime Hays, Outreach Librarian, GPO; Barb Nickolas, SDSL Gov Docs Library Associate,
Alicia Kubas, Regional Gov Docs Librarian from MN, and Brenda Hemmelman, SDSL Docs Librarian
The visit included discussion of changes happening in Washington, ideas for collection promotion, review of the collection itself, and review of SDSL’s selection profile.