Friday, September 15, 2017

Update: School Library Standards Review

On August 17-18, 2017 twelve members from the School Library Standards Review Work Group met in Pierre to begin the process of reviewing and revising the current 2010 School Library Standards.

Work consisted of establishing goals, discussion, and reviewing strands and standards by grade span (elementary, middle, and high).

The South Dakota Standards revision process and timeline is adopted by the State Board of Education for review of standards in all contents. This review process allows stakeholders to review current standards and make adjustments to the standards on a 5-7 year rotation. To view the main DOE content area review page, visit:

The general timeline for School Library content standards review process looks like this:

  • Summer 2017: Begin revising
  • 2017-18 School Year: Revision & gather feedback
  • Summer 2018: Finalize standards
  • 2018-19 School Year: Public hearings & adoption

For more information and to provide feedback, visit: