Thursday, December 28, 2017

Creation Station at Wilmot School Library

Wilmot School District was one of the 25 schools to receive the Classroom Innovation Grant provided by the SD Department of Education in 2016.

The $50,000 grant enabled the school to develop a makerspace, which has been dubbed the “Creation Station” by Wilmot students, to encourage STEAM experimentation and hands-on learning for grades K-12.

Students playing with Makerspace

The application for the grant was a collaborative effort between librarian Cindy Argo, technology coordinator Melissa Jurgens, and 2nd grade teacher Darren Prisigner.   The team worked together to coordinate a space renovation and purchase equipment and supplies. They are now actively implementing a maker learning atmosphere within the library.

It is Argo’s hope that the innovative space will foster a sense of exploration and encourage student-led discovery of interests beyond their comfort zones.