Thursday, December 28, 2017

Grant County Library shares the many features of Learning Express

The following article was written by Tammy Wollschlager at the Grant County Library for the Grant County Review Newspaper. Reprinted with permission.

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Grant County Library


LearningExpress Library

November is national career development month. It is a perfect time to highlight the LearningExpress Library which provides needed tools to successfully choose the right career path and gain the needed skills to launch that career.

The LearningExpress Library can be accessed from computers at the Grant County Public Library or from home with a South Dakota State Library card. State Library cards can be acquired quickly through the state library website and provide many free resources to South Dakota residents.

The LearningExpress Library is one of those resources. A person is never too young or too old tolearn and LearningExpress connects users and education assistance. Users log in to track progress between sessions. By doing so, use of the resources is self-paced and personalized to the specific user.

The resources are placed under specific centers for easy access right on the home screen. The centers are each designed around one specific theme. They include high school equivalency, college, adult learning, college prep and career centers.

Each center features skill building tools pertaining to that specific category including test preparation for many tests available including, Accuplacer Assessments, GED, US Citizenship, SAT, ACT and more.

Each practice test gives instant scoring, including answers with explanations. LearningExpress Library will even give personalized study recommendations based on those practice tests.

The interactive tutorials include areas of math, reading, writing and science. There is also assistance available with computer skills such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop and more.

LearningExpress Library can even help a user learn about specific careers including what a worker would expect to do on the job, what it takes to be qualified for a specific job, what the average salary is for that career and what the expected outlook is for that career path.

LearningExpress Library allows guidance through the process of creating resume and cover letters, and strategies to prepare for job interviews including how to best answer tough questions and avoiding common mistakes.

LearningExpress Library even has a section for succeeding in the workplace for those who are happy in their current work environment but want to build confidence, be more productive or simply insure they are working to their full potential.

LearningExpress Library is easy to navigate and to make sure it is being used to full potential there are video links provided with tutorials for specific uses.

LearningExpress Library is one of many resources available at no cost to Grant County residents through the Grant County Public Library and the South Dakota State Library.

Check it out. The benefits are priceless.

If you have additional questions about Learning Express, please contact your local library or David Bradford, State Library Digital Resources Coordinator at