Thursday, March 29, 2018

DIY Library Website (aka Virtual Library)

Recent privacy issues with Facebook have caused some people to question whether they want to continue having a Facebook account. Some libraries use Facebook as the sole method of communication with their patrons while other libraries use Facebook in tandem with a website or blog.

Websites and blogs are easier than ever to create for the rural library. You no longer need to know code and you no longer need to pay someone else to do the work. Now it’s a matter of choosing a platform in which to create the site or blog, picking a mobile-friendly template, and spending time building and curating the site. Some freely available popular platforms include Google Sites, Weebly, Blogspot/Blogger, Wordpress, and Wix.

Before creating a virtual library it’s important to review examples of other library sites that are similar in size and scope. Here are several examples of South Dakota rural libraries that use these free online platforms for their virtual libraries: