Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Federal Document of the Month

The SD State Library is a federal depository library and provides access to print and electronic federal government publications. Print publications are available via interlibrary loan. Electronic publications are linked from the state library online catalog.

Lewis and Clark: historic places associated with their transcontinental exploration (1804-06)

Pierre and historic Fort Pierre, SD have the artery highways on either side. Note the signs as you travel 1804 and 1806, respectively.
Lewis and Clark Trail

‘The Lewis and Clark Expedition was one of the most dramatic and significant episodes in the history of the United States. In 1804-6 it carried the destiny as well as the flag of our young Nation westward from the Mississippi across thousands of miles of mostly unknown land-up the Missouri, over the Rocky Mountains, and on to the Pacific.’
Excerpt from page 3.
I 29.2:H 62/9/v. 13 Not available in electronic format.

pamphlets and book about Lewis and Clark

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