Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Faith Public/School Library Summer Reading Program Rocks!

Angela Ostrander and the members of the Faith Public/School Library held some rockin' summer reading activities this summer. Angela by now has left her position as the Faith Public/School Librarian, which she held for 13 years. She has worked hard to grow the program through promoting summer reading with brochures, bookmarks, posters, emails, website, radio, and newspaper articles. Angela also displays prizes and wraps up the program with an ice cream social for patrons to celebrate reaching their summer reading goal!

Laura Kelly, SDSL, and Angela Ostrander, Faith Public/School Library
Angela is a big fan of this year’s summer reading theme “Libraries Rock”! She started preparing for the summer reading program back in February by attending Jump Start, a program facilitated by the SD State Library. She has worked diligently to obtain funding from the Morgan/Naslund Fund, Roberts O'Shea American Auxiliary and Faith Booster Club. With these resources, Angela purchased prizes for summer reading participants, materials for crafts, snacks, musical instruments, and much more.

Summer Reading programming at Faith

All of Angela’s hard work and preparation has paid off! Not only has the program encouraged summer reading, it has helped build the Faith community. She has organized helpers who are upper elementary to high school who assist with the younger readers. This opportunity to volunteer gives the older children a chance to be a rising star by developing teamwork and communication skills. Meanwhile, younger children are building empathy and compassion. A mother of a participating child in the summer reading program stated, “We travel 30 miles to attend story time to give my daughter a chance to interact with other kids. It teaches her how to make friends and not leave other kids out. We will miss Angela, and because of her my daughter has come out of her shell and is prepared for preschool.”

Story time with Angela at Faith