Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Learning Express: A Complement to SDMyLife

…from the desk of Alissa Adams, School Library Technology Coordinator:

screenshot of s d my life dot com
This summer I attended an SDMyLife training hosted by the SD DOE. My main goal of this training was to see how the program played with Learning Express, a free career oriented database from the South Dakota State Library. Plus, I had used SDMyLife during my time as a practicing teacher-librarian and was interested to see updates and developments.

SDMyLife is an online career development and academic planning resource for all South Dakota students in grades 6-12. It provides tools to assist students in better understanding how their interests, skills, and knowledge relate to academic and career opportunities. Its Career Inventory and Matchmaker are wonderful for discovering likes and dislikes and giving direction in terms of future goals and careers. Fun fact: I took the matchmaker again and my top three careers of interest were Social Worker, Writer, and Teacher!

learning express library

Learning Express is available to all South Dakotans, not just students, and it provides support in the areas of academic skill-building, standardized test prep, career research, and more. Its depth and breadth of tutorials, tests, and other resources not only compliment SDMyLife, they reach beyond SDMyLife.

Of the eight modules or centers within Learning Express, the most useful ones for students include the Career Center, the College Prep Center, the High School Equivalency Center, and the School Center. The Career Center is often used by counselors in conjunction with SDMyLife and has entrance and occupational test prep exams such as the ASVAB or nursing exams or teaching exams. The College Prep Center offers free test preparation for college placement such as ACT, SAT, GRE, AP, etc. The High School Equivalency Center is great for alternative education environments and the School Center is helpful when students need to build their academic skills.

So, in a nutshell, here’s what I took away from the training:

  • SDMyLife is awesome and so is Learning Express.
  • SDMyLife is a critical resource for South Dakota students and so is Learning Express.

I’m happy to chat about ways to use Learning Express with students. Contact me at alissa.adams@state.sd.us or by phone at 605-295-3152.