Tuesday, July 17, 2018

WebDewey works for you!

The South Dakota State Library subscribes to WebDewey, a browser-based version of the Dewey Decimal Classification® (DDC®) database that is updated constantly. It is designed to make your classifying activities more efficient and enjoyable by allowing you to point and click your way through the latest version of the DDC 23 database.

web dewey banner

Nancy Swenson of Brookings Public Library has said of the service, “I’m glad the State Library has kept its access to WebDewey! It’s a great resource that saves me time and gives me instant access to up-to-date DDC.”

web dewey screenshot

Any library staff who wish to use WebDewey should contact Dustin Larmore or Nina Mentzel. We will provide the login and tutorial information.

Give WebDewey a try for your cataloging needs today!