Thursday, October 4, 2018

Celebrate Native American Day in South Dakota

October 8 is Native American Day here in South Dakota and November is Native American Month across the country. The State Library would like to share a few valuable resources to help educators and librarians support integration in curricula and programming.

Oceti Sakowin, Seven Council Fires, art by Merle Locke, 2011.

One resource valuable to South Dakota residents are the Oceti Sakowin [oh-CHEH-tee SHAW-koh-we] State Content Standards. The OSEU standards are intended to help guide South Dakota K-12 educators in teaching Native American history and culture. As a supplement to these standards, lessons were designed and aligned to the OSEU. These lessons can be accessed on the WoLakota Project website.

The State Library has a created a page of resources to support Native American studies and education which can be accessed here. In addition, Alissa Adams, School Library Technology Coordinator, has created this Collection using Pearltrees with links to additional resources supporting Native American culture, history, and language.

And lastly, the Newberry Library has a newly digitized collection of Lakota drawings which tells a unique story of early 20th century Lakota history through art. This resource would be an interesting way to integrate art, history, and technology and to simply start a conversation.