Thursday, October 11, 2018

Library Trustee Training and Resources

Library directors, do you have new trustees on your board? The SD State Library has a LibGuide site just for library boards/trustees!

This could be your new trustee onboarding assignment! Have your new trustee sit down and look at all of the great resources on this site. Trustees will learn about the duties of the board and the head librarian, laws affecting libraries in South Dakota, library budgets, strategic planning, websites and other helpful information. Library policies are also covered, as well as Friends and Foundations groups.

Do you need training for your trustees? In order to participate in the SD State Library voluntary library accreditation program, your trustees need training hours! Some training hours can be earned by taking online webinars. The SDSL compiles a list of training possibilities at Need in person training? Ask your local first responders to do CPR, First Aid, fire extinguisher, or active shooter trainings. Have your city or county finance person come in to talk about the budget process. Call the state library for more ideas.