Thursday, October 11, 2018

Your library’s website is your digital branch!

This fall SD State Library staff challenges libraries to update your library website. It’s essential for all libraries to have a website. We’ve put together an easy inventory checklist and tips for making the most of your library’s webpage.

At the most basic level, a library webpage provides contact information, open hours and services. When a library hosts digital content on its website—and SD libraries all have digital content thanks to the SDSL-provided e-resources—then the website becomes the library’s “digital branch”.

Why should you have a digital branch? Pew Libraries 2016 survey reported that people use library websites for:

  • 58% searching the library’s catalog
  • 44% conducting research or homework help
  • 37% using online databases

One more tip: Make sure your library’s website is mobile-friendly. According to Pew, half of library website visits were on handheld mobile devices. There are many options that allow a novice to build an inexpensive, attractive, and mobile-friendly library website. You can do it!

If you’re looking for ideas and advice on building your own library website, we are happy to help. Contact Shawn or David at the State Library.