Thursday, November 8, 2018

Not children! Not adults! TEENS!

Did you miss the SDLA Conference Poster Session or would like access to the resources shared? The focus of the poster session was to learn more about young adult services and bridge the gap between children and adult services.
poster of not children not adults Teens

Visit to access the materials used from the poster handout with tips including the YALSA handout, Reimagined Library Services for and with Teens. Check out the quiz to see if you can hang with teens which is great for adult and teen programming. You may not know all about teens today, but you can teach them about the past in a fun way with activities from the book Pop culture-inspired programs for tweens, teens, and adults by Amy Alessio. The Classic Candy Challenge activity was demonstrated at the poster session. All the links to resources to hold this program at your local library are included along with fact candy cards!