Thursday, November 8, 2018

Toward Gigabit Libraries Toolkit to Improve Internet Service

Toward Gigabit Libraries toolkit from Internet 2, Institute of Museum and Library Services and the South Dakota State Library

The Towards Gigabit Libraries toolkit is now available to help library staff learn more about, and how to improve, their library's internet connection and related information technology infrastructure and services. It’s a free, open-source technology learning, diagnostic and advocacy tool designed for public and tribal libraries in the US.

Through the use of the "Broadband Toolkit" and "Broadband Improvement Plan", librarians will be better equipped to improve their broadband services and become stronger advocates for their libraries' internet needs. Designed for large and small libraries, the toolkit includes looking at the outside internet connection, inside wiring and switches, all the way to the computers.

You can download the toolkit and learn more at

This kit was piloted over a three-year period in 58 rural and tribal libraries, including eight in South Dakota. The "Toward Gigabit Libraries" project was funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS).