Thursday, December 6, 2018

Holiday Book Tasting

When thinking of the holidays, how can we not think of food? Hosting a holiday book tasting event is a great way to get your patrons to think about reading during the holidays! A book tasting exposes your patrons to a variety of materials in a fun way. Your event can be set up for an entire month feast or a single meal. Librarians can act as a hostess and explain how the tasting works and seat their guests. Patrons can leave comments on how they liked each dish (book) on a menu provided. 

Tips for hosting your holiday book tasting:
·       Decorate your library tables like you would to serve a meal with flowers, table cloth, holiday decorations, placemats, etc. If using several tables, they can be organized by genre, reading levels and materials.
·       Books are placed in the middle of the table and where everyone can take one. If patrons don’t like a book they don’t have to continue reading so make sure you have more books than place settings.
·       Patrons can sample books for a set amount of time (4 min. suggested time) and then have to move on to the next course, or unlimited time to gorge themselves.
·       After a book is sampled, patrons can decide to keep it to check out or return it to the middle of the table.
·       Providing a menu of books for patrons to write comments helps others to see different opinions of books and can be hung up after the event for others to feast their eyes on.
·       Stay away from popular menu items. Your guests want to try something new. Have extra books pulled in case your guests look hungry for more.
·       Have snacks and drinks for your guests to enjoy!
·      Advertise your tasting for entire families or a particular age group.

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