Thursday, January 24, 2019

Federal Document of the Month

‘Prairie Dogs and Their Ecosystem’

I 49.2:P 884/Ec 75x

Black-tailed Prairie Dog
Prairie dog towns are often an attraction for tourists. The prairie dog is a wild critter, but they are as intrigued about people as people are about them. Today the prairie dog is still prevalent in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Distribution of prairie dogs in North America in early 1990’s.
‘Prairie dogs are native to the plains and plateaus of western North America and play a very important role in the prairie ecosystem. They lead active lives, both above and belowground. They are equipped with short, muscular front legs and long claws useful for burrowing. Black-tailed prairie dogs have at least 11 distinct calls and a variety of postures and displays.’ This document isn’t available online.

To learn more about the prairie dog, visit or through the National Park Service.

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