Thursday, February 7, 2019

Books and Braiding and Building

Students at Douglas Middle School in Box Elder have a new schedule this year which offers an interest period. This was the perfect opportunity for collaboration. Math teacher, Ms. Sherwood, teamed up with librarian, Melissa Hubbell, to offer a class focused on reading and creation.

The idea started with the South Dakota Teen Choice Book Awards. While reading YARP books, students would learn the art of Kumihimo braiding (an ancient form of Japanese braiding) and they would then finish up by accessing their digital creativity skills using the 3D printer.

Girl creating a Kumihimo braded bracelet in Douglas Middle School library

Throughout the semester, students read YARP books in conjunction with using their coordination and creativity skills to make Kumihimo braided necklaces and bracelets.

Students (boy foreground) leaving YARP book review on whiteboard tables at Douglas Middle School
At the end of the semester, students voted for their favorite YARP books. To do this, students used the whiteboard tables in the Douglas Middle School Library to leave YARP book reviews for students who would be in the same class the following semester. After the written reviews, students then officially voted for their favorite YARP books online via the SD State Library website.

Girl writing a YARP book review on whiteboard tables at Douglas Middle School

Finally, students finished up with one last step - building emoji prints using the 3D printer in the library's Makerspace room!

girl using 3D printer makerspace at Douglas Middle School Library
"Our library offers so much! We are truly a 21st century library. I’m lucky to partner with our librarian who focuses not only on literacy but also on creative skills.” - Ms. Sherwood, math teacher

Literacy promotion using the YARP awards was a school-wide event at Douglas Middle School with the assistant principal, counselors, and teachers reading too!