Thursday, September 10, 2020

Enhancements to Miss Humblebee’s Academy

SDSL is excited to announce recent and future enhancements to Miss Humblebee's Academy to empower young students in their learning journey towards kindergarten readiness, support online/offline learning and curriculum guidance.

Fun and Interactive Onine Learning Program for children ages 3-6 Miss Humblebees Academy

What is new?

  • Learning Path Classroom Menu Option: New classroom menu item to visualize and follow lessons along a sequential learning path. Additional classroom option to select a lesson is still available.
  • Button to expand and collapse classroom menu options to enhance mobile responsiveness.
  • Offline STEAM curriculum: Offline Curriculum based on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. These hands-on activities reinforce current lessons focused on development milestones and kindergarten readiness while supporting recommended limits on screen time.
  • Printable Parent Resources: Core planners and schedules such as learning schedules, reading charts, curriculum lists and planners are available as printable resources.
  • eBook Updates: In addition to read aloud options, eBooks have been expanded to include prediction and comprehension questions. New options to retell the eBook is also available as an offline printable with words or with pictures.
  • New lessons focused on Math, Language and Literary (ongoing updates throughout the remainder of the year).

What is coming up?

  • New eBooks: New series of World Changer non-fiction books based on children and adults that have had a positive impact on the world. A total of 20 titles will be added on a bi-weekly basis beginning with an eBook focused on Civil Rights Pioneer Ruby Bridges in the library this week.
  • Interactive Kindergarten Readiness Checklist and Development Milestones: Parents can enter information into online spreadsheet and store/track progress in their student dashboard instead of printing and storing readiness materials offline.

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