Thursday, March 25, 2021

Loud Librarians Lead - Vlog Episode 3!

The latest episode of Loud Librarians Lead vlog is an interview with Amanda Bremmon and Jamie Buswell from the Siouxland Libraries. These two librarians team up to create virtual programming for their patrons to interact with during the pandemic. Acquire tips and tricks to help you bring alternative programming to your library!

Amanda K Bremmon and Jamie Buswell are Library Associates at Siouxland Libraries’ Downtown Branch.

Jamie has an undergraduate degree in chemistry with a focus in secondary education. Her educational philosophy derives from discovery based learning which allows the student or child to learn through hands-on exploration and inquiry. Before joining Siouxland Libraries, Jamie was previously the Program Manager and Interim Director of the Kirby Science Discovery Center at the Washington Pavilion. She strives to bring a fun, unique, STEM based approach to afterschool age programming.

Amanda has an undergraduate degree in music industry and a Master of Library Science. Her work is focused on creating innovative ways for the public library to be an active part of the community. She can often be found with her guitar at storytimes, designing science programming, or selecting children’s non-fiction and the library’s music collection. She previously worked as an account manager for a major science kit company.

“Jamie’s passion and empathy creates an incredible environment for our patrons as well as her coworkers. She is wonderful at reminding me to have fun while learning.” – Amanda

“Amanda’s curiosity and desire for learning pushes me to explore new concepts and helps me grow as an educator.” - Jamie

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