Thursday, March 4, 2021

Webinar recap: Resources for Wellbeing for Rural & Small Libraries

In early February, WebJunction offered a webinar titled Resources for Wellbeing – Toolkit Tour for Rural & Small Libraries. Four rural library directors highlighted popular tools for helping libraries improve social wellbeing in their communities.

From the website,

"Public libraries located in rural locations have unique capabilities to generate social well-being outcomes in their communities. Through conversations with over 200 people in eight remote towns across the US, we heard rural residents describe the "good life" in their own terms and the ways in which their local public libraries enriched that life."

The toolkit covers five areas: Belonging, Capacity, Discovery, Self-Determination, and Wellness. Each area then includes topics for study, including a PDF document along with an online option where you can hear from the primary author of the tool.

Check out these resources at